$6.8 million dollar verdict awarded to the plaintiff

Omari v. Kindred, et al., (2007)

Plaintiff’s verdict in the total amount of $6,856,813, for breach of contract, fraud, and other employment-related causes of action.

After a lengthy jury trial in downtown Los Angeles, the jury deliberated for two days and found in favor of Plaintiff on his causes of action for fraud, conversion, and breach of contract, and awarded approximately $2 million in compensatory damages.

The trial was bifurcated (the liability and punitive damages sections were tried separately), and after only two additional hours of deliberation, the jury returned an award of an additional nearly $5 million punitive damages award in favor of the Plaintiff.

Following the trial, the defendants made motions for reduction of the amounts, for a new trial, and other motions, all of which were denied. The defendants then appealed, and the appeals were denied. The verdict and awards stand.